Core Values

Corporate worship.  Corporate worship is the most important thing a Christian can do each week.  It is the time and place where Christians experience what eternity in heaven will be like.  It is when individuals join together as a unified body and have fellowship with God.  Corporate worship is a conversation God has with His people that culminates in a meal, whereby God’s people are changed and propelled to share His love with others.

Evangelism.  Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to both the lost and found is essential to the growth of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.  Both Christians and non-Christians need a fully-orbed, deep-and-wide gospel to speak and believe continually.

Fellowship.  Growth in Christian faith and charity is formed in relationships with others, particularly in the messiness of life.  Therefore, it is imperative for Christians to spend time together in deep, personal relationships even outside of corporate worship.

Hospitality.  The Church must extend kindness, grace, mercy, and fellowship to the de-churched, un-churched and un-saved.  In essence, we must welcome sinners, expecting their sin to be every bit as frustrating, heartbreaking, and challenging as our own.

Multiplying ministry.  We join God in His mission of gathering people from every tongue, tribe, and nation to be His people.  Therefore, we expect to be a part of training and sending ministers, as well as planting new churches and renewing older churches in order to nourish Christians and reach the unsaved.

Prayer.  Speaking words of adoration to God and expressing our hearts’ deepest concerns to Him is a sweet privilege.  The ability to have constant fellowship with God in order to seek His will, go where He is working, and fortify our faith to do His work is crucial to the life of a Christian and the Church.

Service.  The deeper we believe the gospel; the more we will live it out in our communities, state, nation, and world.  The Church seeks to serve rather than to be served locally and globally through service (mercy) ministry and missions.